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To Turquoise Trails Jewelry

Turquoise Trails Jewelry specializes in the sale of handcrafted turquoise jewelry and handbags. Featuring a wide array of unique styles and designs, our collection includes pieces from Native American, Southwestern and Country artists. These beautiful gems, with their unique hue, capture the imagination with a single glimpse. Mined for centuries by Native Americans, turquoise holds a special place of significance among jewelry artists throughout the Southwest United States.

We hope you enjoy our website. If you have a specific request, please let us know and our team will search for the perfect piece, or help you design one of your own.

Our Commitment

To Quality

We have established a reputation for providing our customers high quality turquoise pieces, excellent customer service and superior satisfaction. Located in Dallas, Texas, we are proud to support artists from all over the Southwest region by connecting them to you. Our collection of turquoise jewelry and accessories was personally curated to include the dazzling array of pieces found on our online Shop. Our jewelry collection features an array of turquoise jewelry, hand crafted by Native American artists. Turquoise Trails Jewelry offers a variety of hand-selected turquoise jewelry pieces, handbags and accessories. Visit our location in Dallas, Texas, or got to the Shop section now to browse our collection of handmade jewelry, handbags and more!

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Very friendly and helpful. Owner is very knowledgeable and always quick to help us when we need it. Wouldn't trust anyone else.

Very friendly, great deals. They work well with customers! Wouldn't go anywhere else for service!

They try their very best to accommodate our needs as quickly and as professionally as possible and still made us feel like we were their primary customer. very affordable.